Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? – An Honest Review

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Starter Membership: $0 Premium Membership: $19 (first month) $49 (following months)

Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10

If you are someone looking to start a money-making blog then you may have heard of Wealthy Affiliate (WA). As with any online venture, it is always good to enter in with a cautious mind. Fortunately, WA is a very legitimate way to start a money-making blog. Once you have an idea for your blog, it is time to get rolling with website setup. The first and most important step, is to create an account with WA. Here are some benefits of creating an account with WA.

Build a Beautiful Website

The first step to creating a successful money-making blog is to make an aesthetically pleasing, functional website. Plain and simple, if your website does not work and does not look good, you will never gain any traffic. At WA, website building is quick and Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? - Build a Beautiful Websiteeasy. In fact, the average users only takes 34 seconds to build their site. WA has over 3,000 website templates to pick from. This allows users to easily find a variety of sites that will work well with their blog style and content. Once the website is built, rest assured that it will be safe from hackers. WA monitors websites 24/7 for unusual activity. This year alone, WA has already blocked over 25 million hacking attempts.

Unlimited Revenue Sources

WA allows users to promote top brands through affiliate programs. Users can choose from almost 600 million products and services to promote through their website. You don’t actually have to carry the inventory or ship anything, it is simply a promotion. Promote products from big name online retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.

Expert Coaching

WA also provides users with expert coaching. The coaches are there to help with any issues or problems. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users can rest assured knowing that their website questions will be quickly and easily answered. The average wait time to get an answer from WA is only 1.8 minutes. That is extremely fast!


WA also provides users with professional development. Their trainings are geared at all different types of users from beginners to more advanced website designers. WA offers 52 live online classes per year. The trainings help users learn how to fully optimize their website and turn their passion into a profit. WA also has 13 classrooms and thousands of resources available to users. The WA education sector focuses on live interaction and expert help. The benefit of this live education is that you can be learning and making money from your site all at once.


affiliate marketers. There are members from 195 different countries allowing for diverse experiences and ideas. Networking is a great way to brainstorm with different people and get advice on how to make your ideas succeed. WA allows users to actually communicate directly with the owners of the company. You can literally connect with people who have made millions off of their website.


Another benefit of WA is that it will host your WordPress website. WordPress is a very popular site amongst bloggers. WA will take care of the effectiveness and efficiency of your WordPress site. WA uses a hosting platform called SiteRubix. The host makes websites much faster. In fact, the average page load time is 1.3 seconds. The framework is also used by a lot of large companies such as Netflix and GE. WA also offers a service known as double hosting. It creates an identical website to your own so in case the website goes down, there is a twin site to swap in. Your website is bound to go down at some point so knowing that there is an identical copy ready to go is very comforting. As mentioned above, WA also works extremely hard to block hackers. Hackers are very concerning in the blogging world. Not only can they ruin the look and feel of your website, but they can also steal important personal information from you and the users of your site. It is nice to know that WA has you covered and will not let hackers get to your site. Another important aspect of WA is that they do backups every day. If you ever ruin something on your website, rest assured knowing that you can return back to how your site looked the day before.

When comparing WA to other WordPress hosting platforms, users will find it is cheaper and offers many more services. For example, WA offers users 50 websites with a limit of 500,000 visitors per month for a small price of $49 per month. Pagely, a WA competitor, only offers users 15 websites and 100,000 visitors per month for a price of $299 per month. It is easy to see which one is the better deal.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are serious about getting your blog up and going and starting to make money, it is time to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. This is a decision you will not regret. Their services are unmatched and their prices are extremely affordable. The starter account is free and perfect for beginners! Benefits of a starter account include live one-on-one coaching for the first 7 days and a beginner training course. The Premium account is for those past the beginner stage who are ready to start earning money. This account costs $49 per month and offers much more robust services. The Premium account offers benefits such as unlimited online help, private access to owners, and a website security package. If you are ready to make your blog into a business, then the premium account is for you.

If you have any questions ask them below. I’m always happy to help!


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4 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? – An Honest Review

  1. You’re right, there are a lot of scams out there. I started to get involved with another company and the more I investigated it the more concerned I became. After searching I came upon WA and they seemed like the real deal. One thing that impresses me is the community they have created. You never feel alone.

    1. Yes, with so many scams out there it’s hard to know what is true and what isn’t. Wealthy Affiliate is full of an amazing community that is supportive. I’m glad you’ve found WA to be helpful!

  2. Great post! The amount of resources WA provides its members is amazing. The support and training is pretty extensive and the community is thriving with members who are eager to share their triumphs and shortcomings. What has been the most important piece of information you’ve learned so far from WA?

    1. Thank you! I’m happy to hear you are a fan of Wealthy Affiliate and all it has to offer. The most important piece of information I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t give up. You should keep working and you will see results!

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